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Pharmaceutical jobs are among the fastest growing career fields in the nation. Whether you are interested in research and development, sales or being a pharmacist, there are many ways of learning more about this exciting industry.

1. Reading books and online information about pharmaceutical jobs is one of the easiest ways to find out more about pharmaceutical job opportunities. Books such as ''Opportunities in Pharmacy Careers'' by Fred B. Gable and ''Pharmacy: Career Planning and Professional Opportunities'' by T. Donald Rucker are great resources in finding out about pharmaceutical jobs and are both available online. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics also lists many important facts and figures about pharmaceutical jobs.

2. Step right up and talk to your local pharmacist. When they can carve a few minutes out of their busy days, ask them what they like and dislike about their jobs. In particular ask what kind of training they went through as many pharmaceutical jobs require extensive school work. Interning in a pharmacy is also a great way to see the day to day operations and determine if this is the right field for you.

3. Research and visit colleges or universities that have accredited pharmacy programs. The American Association of College of Pharmacy provides a list of accredited pharmacy schools or programs on its website. Depending on which pharmaceutical job you want, you may only need an Associates' degree, so don't rule out local community colleges. Some pharmaceutical jobs, however, require more advanced degrees and several more years of schooling.

4. Attend pharmacy-related trade shows, groups or meetings. Research to find out what the local pharmacy professional groups are up to in your area then make plans to be there. Pharmaceutical jobs, as most other jobs, are often gotten through making good contacts. Many of these events may also feature information specifically for people who are just exploring pharmaceutical job opportunities.

5. Read up on pharmaceutical jobs through industry publications. ''Pharmacy Times,'' ''Rx Times'' and ''Drug Store News'' are three publications that can give you plenty of information about pharmaceutical jobs of all types. Many of these publications also offer free trial subscriptions or low-cost subscriptions for students. Not only will they have up to date news on pharmaceutical jobs and new products, these publications also very often serve to publicize events coming up in your area.
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