FDA Actions on Natural Desiccated Thyroid Drug

There seems to be a shortage of natural desiccated thyroid drugs and treatments in the United States this year in 2009, but many people are asking themselves if that shortage is being created on purpose by the Food and Drug Administration. Unfortunately, this turn of events may actually be affecting the amount of pharmaceutical jobs and pharmacy technician jobs at major companies in the United States and we'll have to see if situations return to normal.

Why is Natural Desiccated Thyroid Used?

Natural desiccated thyroid drugs are those treatment which help people find relief from conditions such as hypothyroidism. The substance was actually discovered very late in the 19th century when people found that animal thyroid glands could actually be prepared in such a way that they could be used as therapeutic treatments for various conditions, one being hypothyroidism as mentioned.

The way this raw material is prepared is through a drying, powdering, and purifying process that gets rid of the thyroid gland fat from the animals. Pharmaceutical companies have been using natural desiccated thyroid materials such as this for years in the natural health food market as it is a more economical way of preparing treatments for hypothyroidism and other disorders and a quicker way to get it into the hands of the people who need it.

The Current Situation

The major reason that many people are concerned about pharmaceutical jobs, pharmacy technician jobs the shortage of natural desiccated thyroid drugs is because the FDA recently sent out letters to 3 major pharmaceutical companies telling them that they can no longer manufacture drugs under the label and designation of Drug Efficacy Study Implementation. This is the label that companies such as Major, Biotech, and Time Cap Labs have been using to produce drugs like the natural desiccated thyroid treatments. As a result, all three major pharmaceutical companies have ceased production of these drugs.

Instead of giving these companies the option to continue manufacturing under the same designation, the FDA is requiring that they enter a New Drug Application that would allow them to continue. In addition to this mess that has essentially been created by the FDA, many others in the pharmaceutical careers industry have noticed a shortage of in the raw material necessary for natural desiccated thyroid drug production. These raw materials have been routinely distributed by American Laboratories and others, but this shortage may also be caused by FDA actions.

After reviewing the situation and current turn of events in the pharmaceutical careers industry, the final question to be answered is whether the FDA will loosen requirements on natural desiccated thyroid drugs produced by Major, Biotech, and Time Cap Labs. Many consumers were relying on the natural drugs they produced so one can only hope that the FDA will reverse their decision in the near future.
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