Making a Great Living as a Pharmacy Manager

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If you happen to be interested in pharmacology, you'll find that there are many great job opportunities out there today. There are a variety of different pharmaceutical companies that are offering great pharmaceutical positions to those who have the education and the qualifications that are required. If you enjoy working with people as well as with the drugs, then you may want to consider taking one of the pharmaceutical manager jobs that are available today. You'll find that as a pharmacy manager you will be able to make a great living. So, here's a closer look at the education you'll need to become a pharmacy manager, the duties of a pharmacy manager, salary, and more.

Education and Experience Needed

First of all, if you are interested in the pharmaceutical manager jobs that are available you are going to have to have a great education behind you. In fact, a good education for pharmaceutical positions really starts out when you are still in high school. You should make sure that you have good grades in chemistry, math, physics, and biology. This foundation will be helpful when you go on to college. In order to go on to get a good job as a pharmacy manager, you'll need to have a doctoral degree in pharmacology and experience for at least a year in either pharmacology or toxicology, or in a field that is closely related. A master's degree is also going to be needed in pharmacology, biochemistry, or toxicology. Last of all, you'll need to get your certification from the American Board of Toxicology as well.

What a Pharmacy Manager Does

So, before you get involved in jobs from pharmaceutical companies, you may be wondering what exactly a pharmacy manager does. Well, usually you will find that a pharmacy manager works in some type of a pharmaceutical store or in a hospital pharmacy. Your work would include overseeing the performance of those under you, making sure that they correctly disperse the drugs and also that patients are provided the information they need about the drugs that they are taking. Pharmaceutical manager jobs are definitely challenging and include a lot of work, but they are very rewarding as well.

One on One Work with People

If you are planning on getting involved in one of the managerial pharmaceutical positions available, you need to be ready for one on one work with people. Not only will you be working with your subordinates on a regular basis, but you'll have one on one contact with the clients in many cases as well. When people come to your pharmacy to have their prescriptions filled, they'll be putting their faith in you to give them the right drug in the right dosage. It can be very dangerous if someone gets the wrong drug and it will be your job to make sure that this does not happen. You'll need to know your patients personally as well, so you can best advise them on the drugs that they are taking. So, if you enjoy working with people, this is a job that you will definitely enjoy.

Saving a Patients Life

When you take pharmaceutical manager job, you'll have the opportunities to save your patients’ lives. When doctors are writing out prescriptions, they don't always take everything about the patients into consideration. There may be another drug that they are taking that could interact with the prescribed drug or the patients may have a medical condition that can be negatively affected by the drug prescribed. In many cases it is the pharmacy manager who catches these problems. This is why it is important that you get to know your customers as much as possible. In many cases it has been a pharmacy manager who saw a problem with the drug combinations and literally saved the lives of the patients. It is your job, as a pharmacy manager, to be careful and conscientious so that your patients get the best possible care.

Great Salary is offered

If you are hired by pharmaceutical companies to take on one of many pharmacy manager positions, you'll find that you can definitely make a great living, since the salaries paid for these jobs are very good. Even those who have less than 3 years of experience can make more than $70,000. Those who have more experience usually make more than $100,000 depending on the locations where they work, their experience, and the companies that they are working for. So, while this job has many challenges and is a fast paced job, you will find that you do receive great compensation and can definitely make quite a bit of money in this job.

So, if you are interested in pharmacology and are able to work with people on a regular basis, pharmaceutical manager job may be a great option for you. With the right education and experience, you can land one of these jobs, enjoy helping others, and bring home a great paycheck as well.
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