Selling Medical Equipment to Pharmaceutical Companies

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Who would have thought there would be much call to sell medical equipment to pharmaceutical companies? Yet a good medical sales professional can earn an above average (often high) income doing just that. Drug trials generally need the support of medical equipment. Research and development departments along with ongoing quality control and testing procedures also rely on medical equipment of varying types. Sometimes pharmaceutical companies purchase equipment to give away to hospitals and medical practitioners as gestures of good will and to promote the diagnosis of certain conditions (and consequently drug prescriptions).

If you are interested in medical sales jobs, do an online search for these positions and look through the various selection criteria. Do you have the qualifications, skills, and experience required to be considered? If not, how can you gain them? To sell medical equipment you will need sales experience with demonstrably high levels of sales, preferably in a business-to-business environment. You will also need an understanding of medical jargon and the ability to use it. Not only will you need to be able to demonstrate equipment to potential customers, you will also need to be able to speak on their level, explaining how the equipment will address specific needs more effectively than alternative products. A background in science as well as sales can be helpful in this job.

If you do have the prerequisites to be considered for a medical sales job, then it is time to research this area of sales. What sort of equipment do you want to sell? What is the demand for this equipment? What level of competition is there in the marketplace for this equipment? The answers to the last two questions will influence your earning potential. Look at remuneration packages offered by different companies in order to aim for the best opportunity. Finally, ask yourself if you are willing to relocate. This may be necessary to get the best job.

Here are some practical steps to help you with your job searches for medical sales jobs:

Employers' Websites

Let's face it, there are many companies manufacturing important medical equipments and then selling these products to pharmaceutical companies. Basic Internet research will provide this information. Once you have it, make a list of companies you could potentially work for and search for them online. Follow the link to their websites and check out their job vacancies. These days, most employers will update their websites with vacant positions and this is a quick way to discover if they are advertising. However, don't be discouraged if you don't see suitable sales jobs available. Sometimes they outsource recruitment or sell to companies who act as sales agents. There are always more employment opportunities than most of us realize.

Sales and Healthcare-related Job Boards

Specialist online job sites, which advertise jobs in certain industries, can help to narrow down your job searches. Medical equipment sales jobs can potentially be found on websites specializing in sales positions and on job sites related to healthcare positions. Job sites, which focus on particular regions, further improve your ability to target the jobs you are looking for. You can find these websites by doing an Internet search and adding location.

Large Online Jobsites

The large generalist jobsites may not focus on your desired positions, but they advertise so many jobs across all categories that they should be an integral part of any job search. You can browse these sites by category and you can also search them based on location and salary. They usually allow for an advance on-site search, which allows you to search on terms you feel are most relevant for your job search. These sites often provide the option of receiving email alerts to inform you of any new jobs, which match your criteria. They also speed up the job search process by allowing you to apply online.

Recruitment Companies

Recruitment companies, which specialize in sales, and in particular medical/healthcare industry sales positions are often sources of higher-level sales positions. Increasingly, companies do not want to be bogged down with their own recruiting and are outsourcing these activities. By simply contacting the companies you are interested in working for and asking them which recruitment company they use for sales positions, you can find out who to contact.

Newspaper Ads

A lot of people who have discovered the beauty of cyberspace when looking for work make the mistake of ignoring the old fashioned newspaper advertisement. Many employers still advertise vacant positions in the appropriate newspapers. Make sure you know the best paper covering the location you wish to work in and buy it on the days of the week when it has the most job ads. Take care to read through the ads carefully as sometimes the job titles are deceiving.

Resume and Letters of Application

Finding medical sales jobs you'd love to apply for is only the first part of your job search process. The next part is actually applying for them. The quality of your initial application will determine whether or not you get a job interview. Your resume must be relevant to the position you are applying for. It must not contain spelling or grammatical errors and it must be neat, clean and professionally laid out. Your letters of application should respond to the individual selection criteria for each position. If you have the qualifications, skills, and experience, and convey this in your application, you will most likely be offered a job interview.


Research the company you are applying to so you can respond to any questions about it. By looking into the company, you can also discover the working environment and dress appropriately for the interview. Act confidently but professionally and be friendly and relaxed.

By taking these steps, you will give yourself a competitive edge and enhance your opportunities of receiving a job offer in medical sales. It may not happen immediately, but it will happen.
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