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Kinds Of Jobs In Pharmaceutical Industries

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The pharmaceutical industry is a multi-billion dollar industry and is considered to be one of the largest sources of employment today. The industry offers various types of job positions covering both the field of science and business. So for those of you who are interested in becoming a part of this industry, read on and learn about the different jobs in pharmaceutical companies that you can apply for today.


Pharmacist jobs are one of the most common and well-known jobs in pharmaceutical industry. Pharmacists are experts on drugs and they are licensed to offer advice to patients and even physicians on what drugs to prescribe. They are commonly employed in drug stores and in hospitals. This position requires a degree in pharmacy and a license to be able to practice in the field.

Pharmaceutical Researchers

Research and development is considered to be the heart and soul of the pharmaceutical industry. This is because no drug is made, released and approved for consumption without appropriate research and clinical testing. Researchers can be chemists, medical professionals, medical scientists, technicians, and research assistants, among others. Researchers are responsible in creating new dosage forms and specifications, analyzing and studying the absorption, distribution, metabolism, and elimination of a particular medicine, and assisting in clinical trails of new drugs.

Data Managers

The amount of data involved in extensive researches such as the ones done in the pharmaceutical industry will always require a different group of people to collate and manage all the data obtained from the study. Hence, data managers are also required in the pharmaceutical industry.

Quality Control Personnel

Quality control personnel are responsible for ensuring that the manufactured products are of top grade. They also make sure that these products comply with the necessary regulations before they are distributed out into the market. Most of these quality control procedures are dictated by both the government agencies and the manufacturer themselves. Quality control jobs in pharmaceutical companies can range from managerial positions to quality control associates.

Manufacturing Positions

These people are responsible for the actual manufacturing process of medicines and other pharmaceutical products. Positions in the manufacturing sector can vary as well. The processing operator for instance, is responsible for dispensing raw materials required for the manufacturing process. The processing officer on the other hand, is tasked to monitor the entire manufacturing process. There are also personnel who are responsible for packaging and stacking of the finished products. Requirements for these job positions can range as well - some requiring a formal degree while some don't require higher education at all.


Although distributors are not involved in the manufacturing of the drugs per se, they are involved in the transport and the delivery of finished products. Distributors can range from drivers to the delivery personnel.

These abovementioned jobs are now considered to be highly sought after positions in the job market. The variations of jobs in pharmaceutical companies have indeed made it one of the most lucrative industries that you can venture into today.

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