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  • Pharmaceutical Career Feature

A Pharmaceutical Consultancy Career

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Advancement in the pharmaceutical world no longer creeps and crawls, but instead bounds forward at sometimes an alarming rate. Thus, those in pharmacist jobs have branched out to a pharmaceutical consultancy career because the need is there.

If you are considering such a career, be a person who has a pharmaceutical functional experience. For instance, if you have held pharmacy jobs for at least 4 years, and understand the tactical issues that affect the pharmaceutical industry, chances are this may be a way to move ahead in the field. You will need an exceedingly individual yet professional approach that features an energetic and very capable emphasis on problem solving as well as understanding the essence of cooperation.

Or you may find yourself in charge of performing quality audits, or perhaps be in charge of documentation and product release on new products. And instead of the pharmacy jobs you've held, instead of filling prescriptions you may need to supply quality assurance written material.

Totally different from pharmacist jobs, pharmaceutical consultants will become involved in quality declarations as well as quality control, sales and marketing, patent regulations, pharmaceutical policy, reimbursement strategies and all manner of pharmacoeconomics. It is an exciting career, perhaps placing you at the cutting-edge of conducting clinical trials, and being involved in the very latest medical technological advances.

Going much deeper than ordinary pharmacy jobs, your various clients will include government agencies, insurance companies, public relation firms, medical device manufacturers, consumer health services, and of course multinational pharmaceuticals. You may provide such specialist services such as negotiation and structuring of products, deal benchmarking, advocate of due diligence, as well as being a strategy formulation expert in all things pharmaceutical.

Also, pharmaceutical jobs involving pharmaceutical consultancy means that you will be providing consulting services as well as ground-breaking clarifications to not only health care facilities but to various pharmaceutical companies for them to maximize safety considerations, or effectively manage risking drug costs in today's shifting health care environment. You may also find yourself working for pharmaceutical specialist software houses, and a myriad of various technology providers.

You may find that your pharmacist jobs you held previously will have created your expertise regarding regulatory compliance, Medicaid reimbursement, government affairs, and even drug utilization reviews. The point is that you are needed for a plethora of technical consultation on many pharmacy-related issues. Imagine though, the degree of self-satisfaction you can feel when you've brought down human error factors from a high percentage to an acceptable percentage?

You should keep in mind though that any consultancy job will be arduous, for any kind of consultancy is a very challenging career that entails long hours. There are many ups and downs in the career, with bouts of occasional feast or famine. Be prepared for it to take you away from family and your home. It can be ultimately very frustrating and thus it is not a job for a person who likes set hours and the luxury of tackling only one project at a time. It will require you to be very diversified.

Remuneration is excellent though, and often you'll have the opportunity for global travel being offered to you. It is also a career in which growth is guaranteed, as the pharmaceutical world expands and advances each time new innovative health solutions arrive.

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